Ticket issues? We’re here to help! 

Need to get tickets to another fan?

No need to make a special trip to the Box Office. If you’d like to leave tickets for a guest or client, let us know what tickets you’d like to use and who will be receiving the tickets. We’ll reprint the tickets and have them waiting for your guest at Will Call. Never worry about delivering your tickets again!

Lost your tickets?

Misplaced tickets can be tracked electronically through the Box Office. Even if the ticket is lost, the Box Office can reprint in just seconds. To have lost tickets replaced, please call 419-725-4367.

Forgot your tickets?

You’re at the game, but the tickets are at home. No need to turn around. Any ticket can be reprinted in seconds. The Box Office has an electronic record of all tickets that can easily be reprinted. Stop by Will Call on your way in.

Need more tickets?

Are your company’s tickets already distributed, but you still want to attend that must see game? We can help. Maybe you’d like to bring last minute out-of-town guests. We’ll take care of it. For additional tickets, email ticketrescue@mudhens.com or ticketrescue@toledowalleye.com.